Cambodia Smart City

Cambodia is one of the most trustworthy friends of China, with stable national conditions and close diplomatic relations between the two countries. Also is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, with a fast growing population moving from agricultural life to urban areas. Together with the planning of 2023 Asian Olympic games makes the city of Phnom Penh an ideal place for investors and chinese visitors.

SMART CITY: The project combines the concepts of smart living with eco-life. In a city with lack of electricity and treated drinkable water we explored the possibilities of generating our own energy and reusing the resources like water, solar energy, wind energy among others. By the main gate of the project at the small podium portion we have located the Data Center, VIP Center and the Community Center, which includes 24 hours, supermarket, shopping mall and sport hub. The project includes a totally closed management intelligent design of the whole area, video intercom system with face scanning, video security system, intelligent access control system, parking lot management system, etc.

ECO-LIVING: A considerable amount of solar panels had been set on the linking parks bridges and on top of the central core on the roof sky gardens of each tower. Collectors for treatable water have also been includes on the basement of the masterplan. We have also added 21,163 sqm of podium park; 14,380 sqm of roof gardens on top of each tower and 4,760 sqm of linking parks bridges, completing a total of 40,303 sqm of green areas in different levels (from ground to top) of the project.

ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE: Sustainable architecture and ecological smart life are also expressed in the geometry of the project. The round face of each apartment increase the exposition surfaces to sunlight and also increase the angle of panoramic view which is directly connected with the surroundings with large amount of green areas and the biggest golf club in the city nearby. The towers diameter intentionally increasing the size while growing up, allows us to have more distance between towers on the lower levels, more units of 45 sqm type, and bigger balconies and room sizes on the top floors. Finally the overall architectural language express technology, sustainability and eco-life to create this smart city complex unique in its type in Cambodia. 


  • Project Year
  • Location
    Cambodia, Phnom Penh
  • Area
    480,000 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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