Harbin V-Hall

Harbin V-Hall project took from this unique location the inspiration source for its design. The city of Harbin at the far north east border of China is famous for its ice festivals and white snowy landscape most part of the year. There is a beauty in the ice crystals and the cold weather which the citizens are proud of.

After zoom in the snow we found the ice crystals structure which is always different from one to another. Non a single crystal is same and that make them very unique and mysterious like a hidden beauty. 

We intent to make it visible for a large amount of people and create a landmark for the entire city which can attract visitors from all around the province, the country and the world. 

The building 400,000 sqm large, celebrate the food culture domestic and international. Having as a core the market, exhibitions and services we set a stage in the center with capacity for 5,000 audience.

Around the auditorium 10 restaurants, with specialized cuisine from each region of China and overseas, with view to the stage can enjoy the shows. VIP rooms and special areas have privilege location. In the market plaza casual dinning and local food can be served on site or take out. The central auditorium is surrounded by a glass cylinder 40 meters high with LED screens  360 degrees wide able to display images visible from all the public areas and buildings. 

In the ground level 5 buildings 40,000 sqm each carry the functions of housing and working. A five star hotel, an office building, a business hotel and two apartments compounds.

Each of the five buildings has 8 floors and 3 underground floors. Between them, 5 diagonal plazas hold the public functions: Farming learning center, Exhibition center, Conference center, Supermarket, Library and cinemas. In the park hills we set 5 indoor theaters for events and performances.

The underground level 3 provide the parking needs and services access with capacity for almost 2,000 cars and about 50 buses. All of the parking floor areas are connected with each of the five buildings and central plaza, market and restaurants through vertical cores.

The overall result is a mix used complex totally covered by a dynamic roof folded like origami paper. This final layer not only allow the use of the building the whole year and protect the activities from the variations of the weather, in winter the snow, in summer the heat, but also give to the complex a unified image able to identify it from the distance and smoothly melting in the landscape.  

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Harbin, China
  • Area
    416,100 ㎡
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